Servicios - Services

Logistics Provider of Freight Shipping Services - Proveedor de Logística en Transporte

BlueGrace® Logistics is the most progressive full-service 3PL that leverages extensive industry knowledge and industry leading technology to handle your transportation and shipping needs. With BlueGrace as your logistics provider you get a valued partner who provides the following freight shipping services:

Less than Truckload (LTL) - Menos que por camión.
BlueGrace gives you options. We have multiple carriers to choose from and competitive rates to optimize your LTL Shipping needs. Increase efficiency and reduce transit times for you and your customers.

Full Truckload (FTL, TL) - Camión completo
Our strong relationships with Full Truckload carriers and our integrated BlueShip® Transportation Management System give you the opportunity to simplify the truckload process, reducing your overall costs.

International - Internacional
Ship around the world with our premier group of international providers! We offer competitive rates for ocean and air transport giving you global visibility to maximize business opportunities.

Guaranteed and Expedited - Garantia y rapidez
At BlueGrace, early is the new on time. We offer an array of services with multiple modes and give you proactive monitoring with live status updates.

DeepBlue™ Enterprise Solutions - DeepBlue™ Soluciones a Empresas.
Transform your business through integration with BlueGrace Enterprise. Learn how to cut down costly operations expenses and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Freight Bill Auditing - Auditoria de factura de envio
Recover money lost on carrier overcharges with our freight bill auditing service when you use our services, or as a stand-alone service to optimize your transportation expenditures. Freight bill auditing with BlueGrace removes the stress of negotiating invoice discrepancies, giving you more time to focus on your core competencies.